Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield

Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield is a pulse-pounding stylized action game that challenges players to run, jump, and slide over obstacles and attack enemies in an intense two-player local cooperative mode. Players can control both characters simultaneously in single-player mode for an extra challenge! Heart-racing beats guide the heroic brothers through the game’s dangerous and challenging environments as they race through intense episodes with immense boss battles throughout.


  • An all-new story featuring two brothers, Wally & Lone, and their fight against an oppressive Queen, their Aunt Karmic
  • A visually striking afro-futurist aesthetic brings the dynamic kingdom to life
  • Powerful voice acting performed by BIPOC performers and artists, including Blessing Adeoye Jr., Belsheber Rusape Jr., and BlackKrystel
  • Same-screen multiplayer cooperative mode: Each player controls a brother as they race  through the levels
  • Single-player split-control play option: Play as the two brothers on one keyboard or controller
  • High-speed running action: Take control of twin brothers Wally and Lone —  running, jumping, and smashing through obstacles and enemies with style and finesse
  • A pulse-pounding soundtrack created by Detroit artist Danime-Sama & Aerial_Knight himself

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