Crashy Cars

Crashy Cars - Don't Crash! is a free-to-play endless one-touch arcade game and can be played on most Android devices as well as iOS.

The goal is simple: Tap on the screen to get each cute little cross the intersection. Collect coins along the way, but most importantly: don't let the cars crash! As the game progresses, things will get crazy, busy and chaotic. Timing, anticipation and precision are key to success. Try beating your high score and share your best moments with your friends on social media.

Explore different levels in individual environments and unlock new cars. Get out of tight situations with crazy moves in this endless one-touch arcade game which will definitely make you come back for more.

Crashy Cars got a spot in the top 10 during the Google Play Indie Games Festival and was featured in the Google Play Indie Corner in the US.


Get cars across the intersection. Pick up coins, avoid obstacles, score points and unlock special cars! Don’t crash!

Explore new levels and beat your best score. Share a snap of your awesome moves with your friends!

Crashy Cars is an endless one-touch arcade game about timing, anticipation and precision!

Crashy Cars - it’s about time!



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