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Rigid Force Redux, A Modern 3D Horizontal Shmup Arrives to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Soon

Blast Away Swarms of Enemies in this Side-Scrolling R-Type-Inspired Space Action Adventure

26 May 2020 Headup is delighted to announce that Rigid Force Redux, a horizontal shoot ‘em up with modern 3D-Graphics, is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One very soon. 

Developed by com8com1, a studio led by Marcel Rebenstorf, who previously worked at Ubisoft Blue Byte on titles such as the ANNO series and Might and Magic Heroes Online, Rigid Force Redux breathes new life into the classic side-scrolling shooter genre with its lovingly hand-crafted 3D models, stunning environments, detailed effects, and an electrifying Synthwave soundtrack.

Rigid Force Redux is the vastly improved console version of Rigid Force Alpha, self-published by com8com1 on Steam in August 2018. Completely redeveloped in the Unity engine, Rigid Force Redux combines the acclaimed original gameplay with numerous improvements such as ultra smooth 60 FPS for fluid gameplay, vastly improved difficulty balancing and overhauled visuals, effects and user interfaces.

Get on board the spacecraft, Rigid Force Alpha, and navigate through various atmospheric levels and face an onslaught of enemies, from low level cannon fodder to sprawling bosses. Collect numerous weapons including an upgradeable missile system and ‘Force Shards’, adjustable supplemental units that let the players shoot in multiple directions and block incoming enemy fire. Capture Energy Orbs dropped by foes to boost Rigid Force Alpha’s power supply and unleash devastating blasts to wipe out enemies at critical times.

For more information, tune into Guerrilla Collective’s online session with Headup at and follow them on Twitter for more details.

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Apocalyptic Feature Video #1: The Past and Present

How the Dead Age Franchise Evolved Over the Years

20 May 2020 Back in 2016, Dead Age brought something new to the indie market: It combined turn-based combat with survival management, a nonlinear narrative with rogue-like elements like perma-death and all that in a sinister horror setting. The game was able to create a huge fan base on Steam that’s still active today.

3.5 years later we‘re coming back with Dead Age 2 which includes many, many new features. The combat system has become even more complex and strategic but still retains the advantage of speed over tactical role-playing games. With the new tactical options, Dead Age 2 can definitely stand the comparison to other well-known tactic rogue-likes. In our first Feature Video, we would like to give you a glimpse over the improvements from the first installment to the new one - check it out:

The combined thrill of survival and exploration has been greatly improved with a large map and over 80 locations, giving it an open world feel while being very compact. The new base remains the center of events; this time completely in 3D.

There are multiple factions to fight or trade with, or you can receive quests from, where their successful completion means improved standing with the faction leaders. Dead Age 2 therefore feels much more like an RPG with numerous quests and different consequences depending on your decisions.

The developers of Silent Dreams have been working for 3.5 years to increase the quality and re-define the vision of Dead Age 2 and we’re pretty sure that players will like it as much as they liked its predecessor!  :)

Dead Age 2 will release on PC in Steam Early Access on June the 3rd. To stay up-to-date join the official Dead Age Discord Channel, follow Headup on Twitter and check out the game's Steam page.

All the best and stay healthy!
The teams of Silent Dreams & Headup

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The makers of Vambrace and The Coma: Recut provide a unique glimpse into the dark side of Korean culture with their new title

The makers of Vambrace and The Coma: Recut provide a unique glimpse into the dark side of Korean culture with their new title

12 May 2020 The Korean survival-horror adventure The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, and later this year, Xbox One. Today, we share some insights from the developers at Devespresso Games about the sequel’s development and what makes The Coma’s universe and its lore stand apart from other survival-horror games.

Tristan L. Riven, the narrative mastermind behind the sinister story of The Coma and Vambrace: Cold Soul, explains how the project came together:

Devespresso Games finished developing our debut title for PC, The Coma: Cutting Class, in 2015. It soon came to consoles, with a content update, as The Coma: Recut. Over the course of developing Cutting Class, we often confronted lingering doubts about whether we would even finish the project. We never expected to have the privilege of releasing its sequel on consoles five years later.

As a team, we’ve learned a lot since the original game’s launch, but the fundamentals have remained the same; The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters’ Korean setting, survival-horror gameplay, and Lovecraftian themes frame a dark story. Players will explore the coming-of-age difficulties many high school students face through the eyes of new protagonist, Mina Park. This, within a culture that emphasizes an insatiable drive for success - often at the expense of the wellbeing of those who wish to maintain their competitive edge. The interpersonal struggles between the game’s characters are laid bare through this context.

Korea’s educational system is, arguably, the ultimate institutional representation of the nation’s obsession with high achievement. It was fitting that a high school would be the perfect setting for the story we wished to tell. Our initial developmental limitations kept us grounded at Sehwa High in Recut. When we approached Vicious Sisters, however, we decided to look beyond those school grounds. What stories could we tell if we journeyed into the surrounding district? As a studio based in Seoul, we’re blessed with an abundance of creative inspiration for The Coma’s universe, and we took full advantage of that.

Recut had players take on the role of Youngho Choi, a hapless student who finds himself trapped in a twisted version of his high school. A core theme in the first game is “success, but at what cost?” This current ripples through the narrative presented within the school setting; as Youngho searches for a way to escape, he begins to expose the tangled web of broken relationships between the students and teachers of Sehwa High. Vicious Sisters builds on this world through the journey of Youngho’s childhood friend, Mina Park. She’s a Sehwa student searching for answers about Youngho’s fate and, even more pressing, an escape from this shadow realm. She’s forced to leave her school in search of these answers while being hunted by a relentless slasher.

Vicious Sisters is bigger and more ambitious than Recut in every way. Free from the school, we were liberated to create more iconic Korean settings, like a subway station and traditional market. These spaces are familiar to anyone who has lived in Seoul for some time. Each provides a cultural glimpse, albeit a twisted one, of life in Korea and the daily struggles of the people who frequent those places. This larger world also gave us an opportunity to expand the universe with an expanded cast of characters, deeper lore, and more exciting story twists.

The Coma: Recut explored the well-known perils of stress and suicidal tendencies facing Korean high school students. Now, players navigate through the Shadow Realm through the lens of Mina’s personal experience. Doing justice to the portrayal of her intimate relationships and growth on this journey was a major priority. This had to be her story, and Mina contends with gossip, bullying, and reputation destruction. 

Minho Kim’s distinct Manhwa (the Korean version of Manga) illustrations add new depth to the story. We’re sure players will enjoy the added immersion that’s offered by the dynamic comic panel scenes that shift based on player behavior. In fact, this is a key element of gameplay and several playthroughs are necessary to view all the game’s content and unlock its various endings.

Of course, a more dynamic story requires an expanded character roster, and Minho’s illustrative prowess is on full display. New cast members join the fray, like a traditional Korean shamaness (called "mudang") and a holy priest, both called forth to fight the powers of darkness. And, it wouldn’t be The Coma without the series’ iconic Dark Song stalking alleys and hallways. She’s more fearsome than ever now, and falling into her clutches could spell instant doom. Players must exercise great caution while exploring their surroundings."

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters will hit Nintendo Switch and PS4 later this month. We’re excited to share the next step in what has been a very personal journey for us. It’s a small slice of interactive Korean culture that is, until now, generally lacking in the Western gaming scene.

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Colt Canyon - Feature Video #1 and Detailed Gameplay Insights Released

Dead Man's News: To the East and the West

07 May 2020 Howdy, fellow gunslingers!

Today we would like to share some insights about Colt Canyon, along with our first Feature Video for the game. Together with the developer, Jonathan Mannshoven, we will tell you more about Colt Canyon’s core loop and what to expect when you start your adventure.

Please keep in mind that you can play the whole game in 2P co-op, too – the detailed information below explains the game from a single-player perspective.

Your mission

At the very beginning of the game, you are located in a peaceful remote part of an unknown canyon together with your partner. Everything seems fine, but out of a sudden a big bunch of aggressive bandits attacks. Quickly knocked out and unconscious lying in your own blood, you’re not able to prevent the kidnapping of your partner. When you open your eyes again, you’re completely on your own. This is where your journey begins. There’s no other option than fighting your way through some hostile and gruesome parts of that canyon – with the mission to rescue your partner.

After choosing from a pool of unlocked characters and starter loadouts you start a new run and cross these vast, procedurally generated levels from left to right. You should explore the surroundings to find loot – new weapons, ammo or other helpful items like medicine. Other kidnapped people can be found and freed all over the map, and they might return the favor by granting you powerful upgrades afterwards or will accompany you on your mission. 

Preparation is everything

Before jumping into large shootouts – and there will be some – you should prepare yourself and act tactically. This applies especially in the beginning; you will soon find out that the game is not just running and gunning. Reloading takes time and ammo can be rather scarce. Stealth elements and an extensive weapon arsenal allow for strategic decision making and many ways to approach these ever changing combat situations. In addition, various traps and predatory wildlife need to be avoided and there are plenty of secrets to uncover. And don’t forget to prepare for the fierce boss fights that will truly test your skills!

Variety of the game world and rising difficulty on progression

Every run in Colt Canyon consists of three wide areas, each with three sections and a boss fight. On your journey, fights as well as surroundings will become tougher over time. Our hero will start in a more inhabited farming area with buildings, mines, lumber production and plantations, before moving on to Stage 2 with more remote areas and wilderness including some traps, ambushes and all kinds of thugs as well as dangerous wildlife. The final stage is the most infamous part of the canyon where you will encounter bandits and big camps everywhere. In short: the further you get, the deadlier the canyon becomes. But the journey is not over once you manage to reach your partner – here the party really starts!

Roguelike features & permadeath

Colt Canyon is a roguelike game with permadeath after all. You'll need to get familiar with the game, the enemies, the canyon and the weapons in order to successfully rescue your partner. But while doing that, you will have a blast shooting (and sneaking) your way through the canyon – and getting better with every run.

Colt Canyon will be released soon on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. To stay up-to-date, join the official Discord Channel and wishlist the game on its Steam Page.

All the best and stay healthy!

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‘Cardaclysm’ Revealed - Steam Page and Discord Now Live

Join the Discord Server for an exclusive spell card!

28 April 2020 Embark on an epic journey with the upcoming single player card combat RPG Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four, developed by Headup's longtime development partner Elder Games. The game will hit Steam's Early Access program this summer, and we are excited to open the gates to the Dark Realms a bit earlier for all interested players with the launch of the official Steam page.

To make the trip even more worthwhile, we will give out a code for an unique and exclusive spell card for free which the players can redeem in the game to come - but only for our Discord friends, and only if they join the server until end of May! Besides this plain bribery, players will be able to find tons of artworks and the newest and closest to the source information on the game. They can also chat directly with us and the developers and can discuss the perfect deck strategies with the community on the Discord server.

More information on the launch and the supported systems for Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four will follow at a later stage.

About The Game

Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four is a procedurally generated collectible card game mixed with action RPG elements!

You are a dark wizard who shouldn't have tinkered with magic and spells way too powerful for you. But you did. And this time you messed up really bad: You've unleashed The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their minions upon the World! Well done... So hurry, grab your magical cards and send them all back to their hellish dimension before the Apocalypse destroys everyone and everything - and much more importantly, before the old wizard council discovers what you have done...

Collect creature and spell cards throughout your journey and unleash their power if anyone opposes you!

The game's world is endlessly generated, there's always something new to explore!
  • Encounter 5 factions and over 200 cards, each with its own unique abilities, art and 3D animation
  • Equip your hero with over 40 artifacts
  • Battle five mythic bosses, each with its own unique take on game mechanics
  • Explore endlessly generated worlds in different biomes
  • Complete challenges and trade cards in the Interdimensional Pub you visit between quests

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‘The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters’ Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this May

21 April 2020 The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, the critically acclaimed Korean survival-horror adventure, is set to make its console debut this May on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch. The title, developed by Devespresso Games and published by Headup, focuses on atmospheric, story-driven gameplay with hand-illustrated manhwa (Korean manga) aesthetics.

Following its successful Early Access launch in November 2019, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters has garnered an “Overwhelmingly Positive” Steam status with 97% of the Steam players posting positive reviews. The game has been critically lauded for its vibrant visuals, nightmare-fuelled narrative, and killer AI. 

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters continues the dark story introduced in The Coma: Recut. Despite being a sequel, no familiarity with the original game’s story is necessary. This time, players take on the role of new protagonist Mina Park, a minor side-character from the first game. Mina is forced to escape her deserted high school to elude the clutches of a relentless, psychotic slasher. She soon realizes that she has been unwittingly drawn into a dangerous, shadowy version of her waking world reality while exploring the surrounding district.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters explores the universal themes of friendship, bullying, and the pressures of academic achievement in a distinct Korean context. Players must balance the urgency of exploration while preparing for dangerous encounters that will result in branching cutscenes, multiple endings, and possible perma-damage.

It will support eleven languages: English, Korean, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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Thrilling Rogue-like Tactics Survival Game 'Dead Age 2' Set To Launch for PC This June

Latest Title in the Popular Franchise Comes With New and Improved Features

07 April 2020 Together with indie developer Silent Dreams, we are thrilled to announce that the next game to join the fan-favourite Dead Age franchise — Dead Age 2 — is set for an Early Access launch on Steam and GOG for Windows PC on June 3, 2020. The newest game in developer Silent Dreams' fan-favorite franchise blends the survival, management, and role-playing game genres with elements of rogue-like gameplay and turn-based combat as players battle to survive the zombie nightmare while rebuilding society. Players will experience a brand new, stand-alone story and all-new features, as they once again brave a world infested with flesh-eating devastation.

Dead Age 2 follows a group of determined survivors who have fled to Freedom City in search of a cure for the plague that triggered the zombie apocalypse ten years ago. Join them on their journey for survival as they complete quests, scavenge valuable resources, and build up their base to live long enough to see the world at peace. Tense turn-based tactical combat against gangs of looters and hoards of brain-devouring monsters can result in death for their character — permanently — while unlocking persistent upgrades can bring hope for the future of the weary group of survivors. With a branching storyline and six unique endings, every decision made counts as the player’s group must befriend other survivors, navigate difficult choices, and maybe even find romance along the way.

Watch the new trailer:

Building on the strengths of the original Dead Age — which currently has a "Very Positive" rating on Steam by over 3000 user reviews — players can expect improvements across the board to the mechanics that drew thousands of players to the franchise. Dead Age 2 introduces a new, open world where players can explore unique indoor and outdoor environments, and additional exciting ways to reach over 80 locations including boats, trains, and other vehicles for faster travel. A new, advanced combat system will make the survivors a deadly match against enemies, and an upgradeable 3D base will provide players with the tools they need to survive and thrive, such as a crafting room for creating helpful items and a radio station to help them locate essential supplies.   

Check out the features below for even more new possibilities:
  • A Brave New (Open) World: A new feature for the franchise, players can now freely explore the open-world map, limited only by walking distance as well as the number of resources that will keep them alive until they reach one of the 80 destinations. New indoor locations, including desolate hospitals, life-saving bunkers, eerie schools, and resource-rich army supply stores, as well as a return to the barren wilderness, bring a new depth to the struggle for survival.
  • Home, Sweet Home (Base): Dead Age 2 introduces the Advanced Base Management System. Players can increase their chances of survival by assigning tasks to survivors on their team, such as crafting essential items, building and upgrading stations used to improve defense and the quality of life at their base. Growing your base will unlock advanced crafting recipes that will improve craftable items and resource yield.
  • We're All In This Together: As the undead apocalypse progresses, new factions of survivors spring up: the merciless Military, the devious Smugglers, and branches of independent civilians who have banded together to survive. Players must visit these factions’ outposts, take on missions and make quick decisions during events to gain their favor (or gain new enemies) through an all-new Faction Reputation System. Gaining the support of the factions will improve trade relations in order to purchase upgraded faction gear and unlock new endings.
  • Upgraded Combat: A new and improved combat system allows players to strategically place their combatants with new front and back row positioning. With the ability to use up to 24 skills and execute powerful knock-back attacks in battle, players are more powerful than ever as they engage deadly flesh-eating zombies and other survivors hell-bent on taking their resources for themselves. Random events now appear in 3D, adding a terrifying layer to the spine-chilling battles.
Dead Age 2 will be available for Windows PC in Early Access via Steam and GOG on June 3, 2020. Players can wishlist the game by visiting the official Dead Age 2 Steam store page, here:

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Headup announces the award-winning mystery adventure „Trüberbrook” for Android and iOS

Also, the double winner of 2019’s German Computer Games Awards (DCP) celebrates its first birthday today!

12 March 2020

In collaboration with the German production company btf, and exactly one year after its launch on PC and consoles, we are pleased to announce the mobile version of the atmospheric mystery adventure Trüberbrook. Truber-what? Well, imagine “Twin Peaks” meeting “The X-Files”, but in rural cold-war Germany. The release for Android and iOS will happen in Summer 2020. An exact date is still to be announced.

Trüberbrook is a two-time winner of last year’s prestigious German Computer Games Awards (DCP). After its nominations in four categories, it first received the ‘Best Staging’ award, and was also crowned with ‘Best German Game 2019’. Dubbed by professional speakers like Justin Beard and famous German actors Jan BöhmermannNora Tschirner, and Dirk von Lowtzow, both the German as well as English version features high-quality and fun voice acting.

During the estimated gameplay length of 5 to 8 hours, the player takes the role of young American physicist Hans Tannhauser who, while actually on a holiday, dives into the everyday life of the mysterious village of Trüberbrook – just to find out he didn’t get there by accident. He’s here to save the world!

The game was co-funded by the German organisation Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Trüberbrook was released exactly one year ago for Windows, Mac, Linux, and a bit later for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Speaking of the PC version: Currently, you’ll find Trüberbrook on Steam with a huge discount of 50%!

Brilliant eye candy achieved by complex technical effort

Trüberbrook was produced by German-based production studio btf (bildundtonfabrik), mostly known for their current Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” and the German late night show “Neo Magazin Royale” with Jan Böhmermann.

The developers achieved the game’s unique look through a complex and lengthy process: In the beginning they built all scenes in extremely detailed miniature models – all by hand and with masses of elbow grease and glue! To give the game its realistic look, they illuminated each scene in a cinematic way with real film-equipment lighting in different moods. These scenes were then subsequently digitized through photogrammetry and refined. Afterwards, the digitized world got further enriched by reflections, real-time shadowing, particle effects, and depth of view.